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Class of 2020 

Welcome Graduates and Parents ...

The Yearbooks Have Arrived!


Yearbooks will be distributed for all grade levels, including graduates, on Friday, July 24th, between 8:00AM and 3:00PM with makeups on Tuesday, July 28th from 9:00AM-Noon via curbside pickup at Entrance #10 (behind the school, in bus loop/parking area).  Please follow these requirements:

  • Wear a mask.

  • Have your name on the dashboard (Name used for Yearbook order is typically "FCPS name").

  • Staff will place the yearbook inside your trunk.  Please unlock trunk when you arrive at the pick-up area.

Forgot to buy one in advance?  We ordered extra copies.  Get one while supplies last - - school code 4159.  

Questions? Contact Kelly Mulligan at

Click here for additional information and FAQs:

If groups of friends would like to coordinate their pickup times to sign each other’s yearbooks, the stadium and grounds are open.  The Langley building will not be open for anyone to enter other than Langley Staff specifically assigned to distribution.  Stadium restrooms will not be open.  We ask that each Graduate follow all health guidelines, including:

  • Bring your own pen (and do not share pens).  Bring extra pens for friends who may not be as prepared.

  • Wear a mask.

  • Maintain social distance, whenever possible.

LHS Yearbook 2019_2020_IMG_2685.JPG

Conferring Diplomas

Order your senior/graduate diploma conferral photos using this link.


If you have not picked up your diploma/transcript/etc, Ms. Gratz will be available on Tuesday, July 21st and Wednesday, July 22nd between 8:30 and Noon.  You must  email Ms. Gratz ( to make arrangements during those times.

Links to Senior Videos

THANK YOU to Jim Robertson, Mary Baker, Jeff Vande Sande, Senior Class Officers (Robert Hage, Kavye Vij, Babak Changiz, Ishaan Kathuria, Alexis Bailin, Stephanie Derminassian, Megan Markwart) and all Graduates who submitted content to create this FCPS/LHS 2020 Virtual Graduation Video. 

Click here to view:

THANK YOU to the Saxon Scope and LHS2020 participants for creating

One Last Say: Tackling Racism in Our Community



THANK YOU to Student Services for producing the

Class of 2020 Senior Awards Ceremony video:

THANK YOU to Langley’s wonderful teachers and staff who sent their best wishes to Seniors/Graduates via video.  Thank you to the Saxon Broadcast team for producing and making it available:

THANK YOU to Jane Riddle and Amy Doherty for producing the Class Parent Senior Video, capturing all four years at Langley:

THANK YOU to Emily Treacy and Vi Tran and Saxon Broadcast for producing the LHS2020 Senior Decision Video (in lieu of Class Picnic):


Senior Car Parade

June 1st 
10:00am - Noon

The Class of 2020 parade was so fun and such a joy to watch.  Our seniors and their families are the heroes of the day.  They stepped up, decorated their cars, and figured out the path for a joyful afternoon.  We saw genuine smiles on the faces of our Seniors who earned the right to be celebrated, and we did just that.  We cannot thank Robin Svendsen enough for planning and holding such a wonderful event. 

Let’s commemorate the event with a video. 

Simply click on the link below and upload your photos and any video you took.


For those unable to participate, Sabrina Thomas created this collage of pictures taken in the Langley parking lot at the beginning of the parade. 

Honor Cords/Medals


Congratulations Seniors!!

Earlier this week you received your honor society cords, stoles, and medals.  Traditionally, these honors would have been presented to you in your honor societies.  Without that individual distribution, it may be somewhat difficult to know what each of the cords represent.  Below is a list of the different groups that distributed cords this year:

English Honor Society                                               Blue & Gold Cord
Fashion Marketing Honor Society                           Pink Cord
French Honor Society                                                Blue, White, & Red Cord
History Honor Society                                               Red & Silver Cord
International Thespian Society                                Blue & Gold Cord
Japanese Honor Society                                            Red & White Cord       
Latin Honor Society                                                   Purple & Gold Cord    
Leadership Honor Society                                        White & Silver Cord/Officers-White Stole
Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)                   Light Blue & Gold Cord           
National Art Honor Society                                       Rainbow Double Cord
National Honor Society                                             Gold Drape/Officers-Blue Stole
Quill and Scroll (Journalism Honor Society)           Blue & Gold Cord
Science Honor Society                                               Blue, Green, & Silver Cord
Service Learning                                                         Black Cord
Spanish Honor Society                                              Red & Gold Cord/Officers-Red Stole
Tri-M Music Honor Society                                        Pink Cord


Honor Graduates earning a GPA of 4.0 received a green medal

LHS2020 FAQs

1.  Financial Obligations

Must be paid via MySchoolBucks.  Click on School Store icon; Browse All Items; Find the icon for "Outstanding Student Obligations”; Click View Details; Select your Student’s Name in dropdown menu; Enter the amount to be paid; Enter the obligation being paid in the Obligation field. Questions, contact Lisa Kimsey (

2.  Return of FCPS/LHS Property

Seniors should have returned all FCPS/LHS property (laptops, books, etc).  If you need to schedule return of additional items, email Jim Robertson ( to arrange.

3.  Cap, Gown, Cords/Medals Pickup

If you have not picked up your diploma/transcript/etc, Ms. Gratz will be available on Tuesday, 7/21 and Wednesday 7/22 between 8:30AM and Noon.  You must email Ms. Gratz ( to make arrangements for pick up during those times.​

4.  Transcripts

Transcripts were sent to colleges for seniors who completed the FCPS Senior Survey by June 1st.  If you need additional transcripts in the future, go to

Until August 10th, email Mary Gratz, Registrar, at

5.  Senior Yard Signs

The ANGP committee will contact you directly when your ordered yard signs are back from the printer to arrange for pickup. 

Questions, contact Kari Lervick (

6.  ANGP (All Night Graduation Party, sponsored by LHS PTSA)

In compliance with the governor’s orders and CDC/WHO recommendations, Langley’s ANGP has been cancelled.  All ANGP tickets and limo raffle tickets have been refunded via the method the payment was received (i.e. PayPal, check, etc.).  If you have not received your refund, please contact Lisa Givens at

7. Class Dues

$70 of the $120 Senior Dues were refunded by FCPS/LHS in June (if all obligations have been paid).  No action needed.  Remaining funds will be used for the benefit of LHS2020, including the Senior Class Gift.

If you have not received your refund, contact Debbie

8. Mailing/Shipping items in General

Do NOT expect any organization (LHS, PTSA, FCPS, etc) to mail/ship any items to you or your Senior.  All items will be made available for pickup at Langley High School at various times (which are constantly changing).  Everyone understands this is not ideal and hopes to be as flexible/reasonable as possible.  Please reach out to friends and neighbors to assist your family, as needed.  Perhaps an enterprising Senior will create a business if there is a true need for shipping services.

9. Yearbooks and Senior Saxon Scope

Yearbooks have arrived!  Distribution is on Friday, July 24th, from 8:00AM-3:00PM, with makeups on Tuesday, July 28th between 9:00AM and Noon via curbside pickup at Entrance #10 (behind the school, in bus loop/parking area).  For more information, click here <insert link from Betsy V>. To confirm you placed an order, check your email for a receipt from OR enter your email address at this site and they will send you a duplicate receipt (, School ID# 4159)


Saxon Scope/Senior Scopes were printed for all Seniors and distributed with diplomas. 

10. Retrieval of items in Langley building

Sports Lockers: you should have received information from your coach regarding these items and options to retrieve.

Music/Art/Other Lockers/ETC: if you have not already received a communication or made arrangements for pickup, please email Jim Robertson ( to arrange.

11.  Parking Tag Refunds

FCPS will refund $50.  No action needed.  Some refunds were processed in June and the remainder will be processed in July.  Parents will receive a check, mailed from FCPS Gatehouse Administrative offices, regardless of original payment method. If you purchased a parking pass and have not received a $50 refund check by July 31st, contact Debbie Myren,​

12. Meal Payments/Cafeteria Funds for your Senior

Meal/Cafeteria Balances in MySchoolBucks:  Parents may transfer funds to remaining student in FCPS or request a refund. Everything is much easier if you take action by June 30th.​


13. AP Exam Test Fees

The list of refunds due for this year’s AP exams (exam #6 and above that was invoiced/paid but not taken) was provided to the FCPS Office of the Comptroller on June 15th.  We understand that those refunds will be processed and distributed in July.  If you believe you are owed a refund and have not received it by July 31st, please email documentation of your AP Test Payment(s) and list of exams not taken to Jen Baldesare (  Ms Baldesare will forward your inquiry to division level AP coordinators to investigate.

14. Spring Break and Other Trips

Entity to whom you wrote check/sent funds is contact for refunds and should have already been in touch.

15.  Langley Athletic Boosters - Spring Sports Program

The Langley Athletic Boosters have printed and distributed the Spring Sports Program as a “Salute to Seniors”!   We too are heartbroken about your final high school season but wanted you to have the program.  If you did not receive one and would like a copy, please email Linda Campbell at  


The Class of 2020 thanks the Langley Boosters for creating and printing the Spring Program

Upcoming Class Events:
JUL 24

Outside @ LHS

Yearbook Pickup/Signing

JUL 28


Outside @ LHS

Yearbook Pickup/Signing

Parents of LHS2020 Graduate


Going forward, we will use the Senior Parent Google Email as

the only method of communication on graduate-related topics because eNews and the Langley Keep-in-Touch (KIT) will end in early June.   


If you are not sure if your correct email is on our Google Group, contact our Class Parent Communications Lead,

Annette Bellino at

How to Unsubscribe

FCPS/LHS Communications

If you no longer wish to receive Langley's News You Choose/Athletics (Sunday Night Emails) or other FCPS emails, you must unsubscribe yourself.  Please follow this link and enter in your email address to modify your subscriptions.  You will not automatically be unsubscribed following graduation.

LHS PTSA Enews/Emails

If you no longer wish to receive LHS Enews (Thursday Emails), click “Unsubscribe” in the bottom of their email.  The last email was sent June 4, 2020, from  You will not automatically be unsubscribed following graduation.

LHS2020 Emails

If you no longer wish to receive emails pertaining to LHS2020 (Occasional Class Emails), you must unsubscribe from our class Google Group.  To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to  We do not anticipate 

sending further emails to this email distribution after August 2020.

2020 Class Parents

Lead Class Parent - 

Elizabeth Trumbull


Treasurer - Susan Connery,

Communications - Annette Bellino

Dinners - 

Sarah Tyler & Jenifer Lesan,

Volunteers - Julie Assaad

Senior Slideshow - Jane Riddell

2020 ANGP - Missy Perkins

2019 Prom -

Christina Treacy & Lisa Nevins

Class Administrator

Assistant Principal - Jim Robertson


Class Sponsors

Mary Baker,



Jeff Vande Sande, 


Senior Parent Forum
April 23rd

We were thrilled to have over 100 attendees for our final Senior Parent Forum.  Guest Speaker, Jennifer Weaver, shared amazing tips for Parents of Seniors for the first hour.  For the final 30 minutes, Elizabeth Trumbull moderated a review of "Knowns and Unknowns" regarding end of year activities for Seniors, joined by Principal Kim Greer, Assistant Principal Jim Robertson, and Director of Student Services Braden Peterson.


Click here for recording:  Langley Parents - recording_25

NOTE: Jennifer Weaver’s portion is for the first ~56 minutes. 


Click here for deck with links referenced during forum:  2020 Senior Update 5.7.20

Click here for Jennifer Weaver’s handout (Questions for Parent Self Reflection):  Parent Worksheet

Click here for Healthy Minds Platter:

Ms. Weaver, LCSW, RPT-S, is a Psychotherapist and Professor with over 24 years of experience in psychotherapy with adolescents, young adults, and families.  She is the founder of Weaver and Associates, a psychotherapy practice in McLean, along with 14 exceptional colleagues.  She is also a 17-year faculty member at Catholic University, teaching clinical work in their graduate MSW program. 

For her full bio, go to

Senior Parent Forum
February 4th

The second Senior Class Parent Forum was held on Tuesday, February 4th, from 9:30-11:00AM in the Langley Lecture Hall (Room 2600).   


The Agenda


9:30 Welcome

9:35 College Selection, Wait Lists, and Now What ... (Hannah Wolff, College and Career Specialist)

10:15 What to do NOW to prepare for Life after Langley

10:30 Senior Calendar Review, Q&A

11:00 Adjourn

Book Cover Stressed Years of Their Lives

The Class of 2020 Senior Pano

is available to order from Lifetouch

Purchase your copy today by visiting

Click “Find Your Event” 

Photo ID: 169586-001-001

Questions:  Please contact Lifetouch directly -  1-800-445-1189 or use the following screenshot of the order form as an example.

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