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PTSA BookClub
If you missed our PTSA Book Club meeting on Jan. 14th, you should still read the book...Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be by Frank Bruni.  It goes against everything you’ve heard at cocktail parties—i.e., do anything you can to get your son or daughter into the absolute BEST university you can;  take practice SAT tests, hire tutors; talk to alumni--in short, DO ANYTHING!  
But, instead, our goal as parents and educators should be to build authentic discovery and self-esteem for students, and help them find a best-fit, transformative, affordable college where they will thrive and grow. It’s not where they go to school that is important—it’s what they do with the experience when they get there!
Check out some of the past Langley Read books:
2015 Daniel James Brown--The Boys in the Boat
          Art Spiegelman--Maus: A Survivor's Guide (Part 1)
          Jeff Hobbs--The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Pearce
          Maya Angelou--I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
          Adam Johnson--The Orphan Master's Son
2014 Mary Pearson--The Adoration of Jenna Fox
2013 Yoko Ogawa--The Housekeeper and the Professor
2012 John Green--Fault in our Stars
2011 Laura Hillenbrand--Unbroken
2010 Malcolm Gladwell--Outliers
And some interesting parenting books:
Emptying the Nest: Launching Your Young Adult toward Success and Self-Reliance
by Brad Sachs
Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life by William Deresiewicz
Colleges that Change Lives by Loren Pope
And, should you want to purchase any of these books, use our link to Amazon for your purchase. The PTSA earns money from your purchase.

Handouts from PTSA Meetings and Programs

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