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2022 Reflections Winner

“Show Your Voice!”



First Place - Scarlett Adams 11th, “No Longer Afraid”

Honorable Mention - Ashley Headrick 11th, “Emmy the Tabby”

Honorable mention - Oscar Jordon 9th, “Dandelion”

Honorable Mention - Sean Lee 11th, “All Star”

Honorable Mention - Kevin Lee 11th, “Connect to Disconnect”



First Place - Aryana Molaiy 10th, “A Day to Remember”

Honorable Mention - Sarah Irwin 10th, “Protecting the Colors of Fall”


Music Composition

First Place - Aditya Gupta 11th, “Another Sad Story in the News”

Honorable Mention - Lianna Hong 11th, “Wild Flowers at the Sea”


Visual Arts

First Place - Peter Thoreson 11th, “Drowned”

Honorable Mention - Audri Barua 9th, “Erased”


Film Production

Keely Wen 10th, “No Planet B”

Thoreson.Peter.LangleyHighSchool.VisualArts.HighSchool.Drowned (2) Peter Thoreson (1).jpg

 1st  Place Visual Arts

by Peter Thoreson


By Peter Thoreson

Two such persons: the weed of the old world – a white sea of power - and a

person who is small.

Stunted he formed, but nature explosive.

To continue in given state, forced astray, smaller and smaller.

Try to transform away a ruler to designate the same for equal power.

1st Photography

by Aryana Molaiy

" A Day to Remember"

Copy of protest new Aryana Molaiy (1).jpg

1st Music Composition

by Aditya Gupta


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