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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

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Welcome to Langley High School!


The LHS PTSA DEI was created in 2020 and is pleased to help foster meaningful and constructive conversations and diversity, equity and inclusion at LHS. We have several initiatives underway and planned -- view our DEI "inventory" below.


Please contact us! We want to hear your input and ideas. The DEI Committee Chair is Heather Murphy Capps and Co-Chair is Stefanie Stayin. Email Heather at



Entry submission dates are in March each year

Langley students are invited to get creative for an upcoming art exhibit, DIVERSEartLANGLEY, sponsored by the DEI Committee. Students don't have to be enrolled in art classes to enter -- submissions are accepted from anyone with an idea to express! Prizes will be awarded to the top three submissions. The art will be exhibited in Langley Hall on an evening in late March each year. Following the exhibit, we'll have an interactive, moderated discussion in the LHS Library. 


Submissions can be in the form of photography, painting/drawing, sculpture, architecture (small scale), literature (short stories), music, dance or theatre/film.


Submissions should engage one or more of these questions:

·    diversity -- What does diversity look like in my community? 

·    equity -- What does equity mean to me?

·    inclusion -- Are you able to be your authentic self and still be safe and accepted? (Do you feel like you have to code switch?)

Submission deadline:  watch for the exact dates in the weekly Langley eNews, published each Thursday afternoon and emailed to subscribers

Submission process: Please bring your submission to Langley Hall between 7:45 – 8:10 am on the deadline date in March. Be sure to record any audio or visual submissions (music, dance, theatre, film) on a flash drive. 


​Code of Conduct:   We want submissions from all voices and all opinions. Submissions must follow the Student Code of Conduct, however, and those violating the Code will not be accepted. 


DEI Resources

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